Tutor Portal Updates

Access your Classroom Files & Zoom link

As you might have already seen, you are now able to access your classroom's zoom link and the lessons in the Tutor Portal with just a click!

  • You can find these by clicking, “My Running Batches” Tab or the “View Batches” button in the Teacher Dashboard, and scroll down under “Meeting Details” to find your batch with the zoom link and Google Drive Folder link.

  • If the links are not there or if there is an error in your batches listed, email SplashLearn so we can fix it.


  • When do classes/incentives/etc. credit on the page?When do classes/incentives/etc. credit on the page?

    Almost instantly or a few minutes prior to class' beginning. If you don’t see the correct amount within 24 hours, email SplashLearn and detail the batch name/time with the discrepancy.

  • What do I do if something is incorrect, missing or doesn’t work, such as links?

    Email SplashLearn with detailed information about the situation.