Trial Class Info

A teacher’s role is business-critical during a Trial Class, as it will decide whether or not the user continues with the full-course enrolment.

Do not share your referral code in the trial child feedback! (Reason below)

What is a Trial Class:

  • Same as starting any batch for tutors, the only difference is for the parents.
  • Parents that wish to attend the 1st Class of a course without having to share their Credit Card information.

How to identify a Trial Class:

  • Trial batches will be a single class
  • The Batch code will consist of “Trial” at the end.
    (Eg. - 12 Hours to Master Multiplication - Aug11|Fr| 11:30 AM |1|3|Trial)

What do I teach during the Trial Class?

  • Teach the 1st lesson of the batch.
  • You can talk about the other material that is covered so the parent understands the content of the course. 
  • If the parent questions how easy the class was, you can explain that the first classes are easier to build the student’s confidence and the foundational concepts for the course that will be used.

What if the course is too easy?

  • Teach the first class as is. Ask more challenging questions that are related to the material.
  • If the student is in the correct grade, explain that the first classes are to build confidence and what to expect to challenge their child more in the further classes.
  • If the material and additional questions you asked were too easy for the student, then suggest the student take a course in the next grade. For example, the student took the Math Accelerated Grade 1 course, you can suggest the Math Accelerated Grade 2.

Expectations from the Teacher:

  • Tutoring provided at Trial Classes should be of supreme quality; it will decide whether the user continues with us or not.
  • Teachers should know about the Courses’ Topics and other related Grade-level courses, in case the parent inquires or asks for ‘more suggestions’.
  • We’d like to make the Trial response real-time, so it is essential for the Teacher to share their feedback within 2 hours of Trial class completion. Do not share your referral code, because it won’t work for trials. If you accidentally share your code, we cannot allow it and therefore the parent probably won’t buy the batch.  Child Feedback Process
  • If there is a No-Show case in a Trial Batch, simply share the Feedback with the child marked as ‘Absent’.

    Trial No-Show Feedback Sample

    I was looking forward to our class about *TOPIC NAME* today. Here at SplashLearn we have energetic and patient tutors. I hope to see you here in one of my classes at SplashLearn. Thank you. Tutor _____

What happens after the Trial class is over?

  • A SplashLearn Representative will be joining your trial class towards the end to further answer any of the parent's questions/concerns and to see what they may need help to complete the subscription process. 
  • Provide feedback for the student within 2 hours of completion.  Child Feedback Process
  • The idea is for the student to sign-up for the batch and you stay as the tutor. However, if the parent changes the time and/or day, we try our best to keep you with the student unless there is a conflict with your schedule.
    • At the start of the session, request the parent to join back in the last 10 minutes of the session & share the feedback of this session with them as the session gets over.
    • Please make sure that your zoom settings allow everyone to present. Additionally, in your Zoom settings, make participants ask permission before entering the meeting room.
    • The session will also be recorded by a system BOT & you may see “Avoma Notetaker” as a participant in the meeting. It will just be a bot to record the session.
    • Towards the end of the meeting, please make the Sales representative the meeting host before you leave.

Teacher Cannot use Referral Code for Trial Batches:

  • Do not share your Teacher Referral with these users.
  • In the case of Trials, the organization has already incurred expenditures to acquire these users and your referral code will be invalid for these classes.