Refer a parent!

Here's how it works:

  • Talk to your account manager and get your referral link or visit here

  • Visit the link and share the contact details of your friends

  • Start earning as soon as they subscribe to SplashLearn Tutoring

What will be the rewards?

  • 1 Referral

    $50 Amazon Gift Card

  • 3 Referrals

    $200 Amazon Gift Card

  • 5 Referrals

    $500 Amazon Gift Card

  • 10 Referrals

    $1000 Amazon Gift Card

  • 20 Referrals

    $2500 Amazon Gift Card

  • 50 Referrals

    $5000 Amazon Gift Card

General Rules

Here is a list of some rules to keep in mind while participating in the referral program.

  • Referral is considered successful only when the referee has purchased our tutoring subscription

  • The referral will not be considered if the referee already signed up on SplashLearn Tutoring, through any other mode.

  • Referrals are counted at Parent to Parent level only. A referee parent adding multiple children will be considered a single successful referral and not a new referee.

  • Amazon gift cards for completed referrals will be sent to you via emails by your dedicated account managers

  • SplashLearn reserves the right to make changes to this referral program, or any other referral program at any time.

  • SplashLearn reserves the right to deem any referral invalid, if found violating fair usage policy.

  • SplashLearn reserves the right to end this referral program at any time. No referrals beyond the expiry of the program will be considered.