Refer a parent!

Give discounts, earn incentives!

Get rewarded every time they enroll.

Know students who need tutoring? Bring them on board, help them with a 50% discount, and earn up to $80 per student.

You can also recommend courses to students that you're already teaching. And the best part is - you can refer them multiple times and earn rewards for each course purchased.

Refer more, earn more!

Get an incremental reward value per student as you refer more. Review the table below to understand how.

Referred Enrollments (per month)
Reward Value
Up to 4 enrollments
$ 50 per enrollment
5 - 10 enrollments
$60 per enrollment
>11 enrollments
$80 per enrollment

Example: 3 enrollments in a month will get you $150 (3*$50), 6 enrollments will get you $360 (6*$60) and 12 enrollments will get you $960 (12*$80).

Whom to refer?

Know children who will benefit from SplashCourses? Hint: They could be in your classroom, homeschooling group, or even your SplashCourses classes!

In order to make appropriate recommendations, review our courses, or reach out to us.

Important note: You are not allowed to share coupon codes during trial classes.

Here's how it works:

  • Note your invite code after you’re onboarded as a teacher. If you don’t know your code, reach out to

  • Look for curious students, for us to turn them into fearless learners.

  • Share the invite code and recommend a course or share the website.

  • Make sure they use it in the coupon code section while purchasing. (They get a 50% discount, too!)

  • You qualify for the referral amount once the parents pay for the course after their free trial class. You will receive an automated email, confirming their purchase.

  • You receive your reward along with your monthly payments.

  • If you need help at any point in time, get in touch with our team at

General Rules

Here is a list of some rules to keep in mind while participating in the referral program.

  • Each new enrollment is considered. You can refer a single user multiple times, as long as they use your code while making a new purchase.

  • The invite code has to be applied while making a purchase for a successful referral. No requests for referral credit will be entertained if it's not applied.

  • The reward is only valid for referral enrollments after the 25th of August, 2020.

  • Payments for completed referrals will be made along with your monthly payment.

  • SplashLearn reserves the right to make changes to this referral program, or any other referral program at any time.

  • SplashLearn reserves the right to suspend your invite code at any point if we suspect any fraudulent or abusive activity.

  • SplashLearn reserves the right to deem any referral invalid, if found violating fair usage policy.

  • SplashLearn reserves the right to end this referral program at any time. No referrals beyond the expiry of the program will be considered.