No-Show Protocols

What to do in case of Student No Show:

  1. Wait 5 minutes, if your student(s) are not in the classroom, send a message on Google Hangouts to SplashCourses. 
    NOTE: Even if SplashCourses doesn’t reply to you immediately, they will send a message to the parent on your behalf.

  2. If there is ONLY 1 student, at the 20-minute mark, send a message to SplashCourses on Google Hangout informing them of the situation and leave your classroom.
    NOTE: If SplashCourses might tell you a different time to leave, there are many reasons for this so you must follow that time instead.

    - Child Feedback: Click “absent” and fill in how you missed having the student in the class and what you were going to cover for that lesson.
    - Pay: You get paid your base pay but you do not receive the ‘on-time’ incentive.

  3. Classes of more than 1 student: You still inform SplashCourses of the absent student(s). Start your class slowly so that it gives time for the absent student to join. After about 5 minutes, you can continue class at your normal pace with the student(s) present. 
    - Child Feedback: Click “absent” for the student(s) that weren’t in class and fill in how you missed having the student in class and what you covered for that lesson. For the student’s that were ‘present’ follow the Child Feedback guidelines on the site.

Last Class was a Cancelled or a Student No-Show → Next Class Protocol

If there is only 1 student, you continue with the lesson that you left off with. Usually SplashLearn will add a lesson to the end of your batch. Email SplashLearn to clarify if there will be additional classes added or not to your batch.

  • Example: Student was a No-Show for Class 5 of the batch. The next class, you teach Class 5.
  • If a make-up class is not added at the end of the batch, you still follow each class consecutively and you won’t finish all the lessons since there was a missed class and no make-up.
  • If there is more than 1 student, you use the warm-up time to review for the absent student on what was covered in the previous class along with the rest of the students. Also, keep in mind that some of the newer topics to be covered might require some review from the previous classes material to help the student that missed the previous class.

What do I do if there are 2 consecutive No-Shows and they are the 1st classes of a batch?

  • 1st No-show: Share feedback with the child marked as ‘absent.’
  • 2nd class consecutively is a No-Show, only mark ‘absent’ and do not provide feedback.

No-Show Trial Child Feedback

"I was looking forward to our class today. We were going to cover (mention material for today’s lesson). Our classes here at SplashLearn are energetic with patient tutors. I hope to see you in our next class here at SplashLearn."