New Ultimate Course Info - Advance/Advance Plus

The newer batches are called “The Ultimate Grade # Course”

1. Similar to the Jump Start/Rewind & Revise courses before.

2. Only conceptual lessons like our current batches

Advance Plus:

1. 3 classes a week: MWF or TuThF
2. The first 2 classes are conceptual lessons, just like the Advance course. However, after every conceptual lesson, there is a worksheet. 
3. Third class is a practice lesson. We review 2 previous classes; student(s) take a quiz; we further develop difficult concepts or challenge with more difficult problems.

Advance/Advance Plus Batch Quick Overview


Advance Plus

Learning Class

New & Improved

Learning Class info  here 

Example  Learning Class

Same as Advance Lessons

Practice Class


Every Third Lesson

Practice Class info here  

Example  Practice Class 



Sent Automatically when you send your Child Feedback after each Lesson Class. Make sure you see the Worksheet link in the form otherwise it won’t be sent to the parent. **see below

Example Worksheet



During Practice Class, have the quiz ready to give student(s) prior to starting class. (The link to the quiz is in the class PowerPoint.)



During Practice Class, after the quiz if there is time. You must have signed into your teacher account at SplashLearnThis is NOT the Tutor Portal.


2 times a week (MW or TuTh)*

3 times a week (MWF or TuThF)*

Total Classes

36 or 40

56 or 60

*Availability for the courses change depending on scheduling availability.

**If Worksheet link is not in the Advance Plus Child Feedback, you can copy & paste the link when accessing the worksheet from the Excel Tracker sheet.

Advance/Advance Plus batch Starter Kit (If you cannot access the PowerPoint, send an email to SplashLearn letting us know.)

  • Read through the PowerPoint
  • Full explanation of the courses and how it’s different from previous courses.

  • There’s a word document to explain the purpose of the new sections.

  • There are examples of the course material including the practice class. 

  • There’s a walk through how to do the Quiz.

  • There’s Speaker Notes and lots of information and guidance for your class. Make sure you use “Presenter View” to get this option of seeing the notes.

  • There’s a walk-through on how to use the Excel sheet to access your class.

Important Details about Advance/Advance Plus Batches

  • Advance is only conceptual and taught the same way as our previous courses.

  • Advance Plus has conceptual, practice classes & worksheets. 

  • Create a Free Teacher Account at  SplashLearn. (This is NOT the Tutor Portal account.)

  • Math Accelerator is ONLY in grades K, 1 & 2 (20 classes) because Advance has 36 + classes.

  • Grades 3, 4 & 5 no longer have the Math Accelerator. This is replaced with the Ultimate Grade # Advance package. Review the material before teaching since there are modifications to the content.

  • Inside the Starter Kit:

Advance Plus General Steps Before Practice Class Starts

  • Sign in to SplashLearn to access the game links. Game links are found at the end of the Practice Class.

  • Open the Quiz link from the Practice Class PowerPoint & have the link ready to share in the chat box.

  • Open a second Quiz link on an additional tab to have as reference to see all the questions and use while discussing with students and working through problems if needed at the end of the quiz. This way the students don’t see who got answers right or wrong nor the answers. 

The worksheet link is NOT in my Child Feedback. What do I do?

  • Forward the Child Feedback email to SplashLearn informing the missing worksheet link.

  • Copy & paste the worksheet link into your Child Feedback for the student for that class until it’s fixed.

    • Go to the Excel Sheet → Under the class number → click the link for the worksheet → copy & paste the link into Child Feedback form.

My student just finished the Jump Start or Rewind & Revise course. Can I suggest the Advance or Advance Plus course for the same grade?

  • Yes. The Advance and Advance Plus have more integrated practice and different PowerPoint material. These courses include more Core Curriculum topics for each grade. 

It’s my first time teaching the Advance or Advance Plus courses. What’s the best way to access the material?

  • Click on the Excel sheet shared with you on email for the correct batch. On the tab “Class Details" is a list of the numbered classes with links to the PPT and Worksheets for the designated class.

What’s the difference between Jump Start and Ultimate Math batches?

  • The Jump-Start (or Rewind & Revise) touches the core topics of the grade fast-paced. The Ultimate Math batches cover more depth and will involve more practice of the core topics.

  • The content for the first few classes of the Ultimate Math are similar to the Jump Start batch. However, there are more challenging problems to work through if the concept is easy for the child.

What is expected when I accept the Ultimate Math Advance/Advance Plus batch?

  • The same requirements as any other batch. If you have any questions, email us.