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If any questions/concerns have not been addressed within our Frequently Asked Questions, please send SplashLearn an email. Thank you.

FAQ about batches & availability

  • When does SplashLearn give you a class?

    When a batch (course) is filled with students, SplashLearn sends an email with an accept/reject link to an available tutor for that day/time combination. If you are unavailable for that day/time, SplashLearn will not ask you. ***Be patient. Splash Learn will email you when there is a batch/course available for you to tutor.***

  • How do I start? How do I get my classes/batches?

    You receive an email, "New Batch for You," with an accept/reject link to click. In this link you Accept or Reject the new batch. This needs to be done ASAP and within a 24-hour time-frame. **Why in a 24-hour time-frame?** If you are unable to teach this batch, SplashLearn needs to ask another available teacher.

  • How long are the batches?

    Currently our batches are either MWF, TuTh, or Monday through Friday. The length of the batch varies from 4 courses to 40 classes. The 30-40 classes are everyday from Monday through Friday. The shorter batches are less than 20 classes and are either MWF or TuTh.

  • When the students go back to school in August/September, will there be many opportunities to tutor?

    SplashLearn Live Tutoring is still a new program. We expect parents will continue with what we offer all year round. It is understandable that the time the courses are offered might change based on the time of year (school versus summer).

  • How do I fill in the batch availability schedule?

    You can access the page link "Availability" from the HomePage. You enter a ‘1’ for available and ‘0’ for unavailable. You accept or decline the actual batch. We just need to know what possible times and days you are available so that we can offer you that batch.

  • How do I change my availability?

    Send an email to Splash Learn and in the subject place “availability change." Send the chart found on the "Availability" page and fill in ‘1’ for available and ‘0’ for unavailable.

  • How do I know how many students I have in a batch?

    You receive an email, “Child Feedback,” approximately 5-10 minutes before your class begins. This email has links and names for each of the students in your class.

  • When do I know if SplashLearn received my batch acceptance? How will I know I’m assigned a batch?

    You will get an event in your Google Calendar. You should accept it (say ‘Yes’). This way you are aware if a class is canceled at any point in time. Make sure to click “I accept for ALL events.” This way all the classes are scheduled in your Google Calendar for the total number of classes for that particular batch.

  • What do I do if I notice an error on the slides during my class?

    Email tutor-feedback@splashlearn.com and in the subject of the email write “Corrections.” In the body of the email write the Batch Name, Class Number, Slide Number(s) with the correction that should take place. You can correct both grammar and math errors that you encounter. Please provide the correction for either when emailing us. Teach the correct math material, but immediately notify SplashLearn so that the correction can be made to better both tutor/student future experience.

FAQ about the classroom

  • What do I do if my student doesn’t want to participate or misbehaves where parent intervention needs to happen?

    If their parent isn’t in the room, contact ‘SplashCourses’ via Google Hangout. If you don’t get a reply, send an email to tutor-feedback@splashlearn.com informing of the situation at hand. Leave Child Feedback with the parent informing them of the situation and request their presence during class.

  • How do I stop my students from using annotate or any other function while in Zoom??

    While you are in “Share Screen” mode, you can click “Security” and then deselect “Annotate on Shared Content” or any other function you need to stop.

  • What do I do if my student’s audio is very unstable?

    Have your student ‘Stop Video’ and see if this solves the problem. Then teach material without video. Suggest them to be closer to the WiFi router for next class in the Child Feedback.

  • What do I do if my annotate doesn’t work?

    You can use the laser pointer in the slide presentation and traditional methods such as your own whiteboard. If you have a Google Chromebook, you need to download a separate app to access the annotate. You should contact Zoom for additional help if you have a Chromebook.

  • What do I do if my student cannot see my screen?

    You can click “Stop Share” and then “Share Screen” again. If this doesn't solve the problem, have your student leave and come back again.

  • What do I do if my student cannot hear me OR if my student freezes and/or I cannot hear my student??

    Have your student leave the Zoom meeting and join again. You must use the ‘Chat’ to tell them to do this OR you can use the “Text” in “Annotate” and write on the screen for them to leave the meeting and join again. Make sure that they ‘accept internet audio and/or computer audio’ when joining Zoom.

  • How do I access the information for the course I need to teach?

    You will receive email(s) that share the batch's folder here at SplashLearn. Then you can enter ‘Google Drive’ and the ‘Shared Folder’ where you will see the list of all the batches and each class in each folder.

  • How do I see the following slide or animation while I present?

    Open the class of interest. Click the down arrow next to “Present” and select “Presenter View”. Two separate tabs will open. One will be the “Presenter View” and the other the actual “Presentation.” You then can organize your windows to your liking for the class.

  • How do I share my screen and the student doesn’t see ALL my open tabs?

FAQ classroom protocol/rules

  • How long should I wait if my student is late for class?

    If your student does not arrive in the first 5 minutes, send a message in Google Hangout to “SplashCourses” or email to tutor-feedback@splashlearn.com informing who is not in your class so SplashLearn can communicate with the parents. SplashLearn will inform you when you can end your class.

  • What if I cannot enter the classroom on time? What do I do if I have an internet outage? OR What do I do

    Contact "SplashCourses" on Google Hangout and explain your situation. They will guide you the following steps. Do not contact the parents! SplashLearn will contact them on your behalf if needed.

  • A student is 10 minutes or more late. Should I extend the class time for them?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.Do your best to bring the late student up to where you are in the class. All classes are a minimum of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. You do not need to go more than 60 minutes since you might have another class after it.

  • Something urgent came up. Can you contact the parents and reschedule the class?

    You contact "SplashCourses" on Google Hangout and send an email to tutor-feedback@splashlearn.com and write "Emergency" in the subject line. SplashLearn will contact the parents. SplashLearn will inform you on your next steps.

  • My IT issue delayed the class by several minutes. Should I still teach it?

    Yes, teach the class unless "SplashCourses" on Google Hangout informs you otherwise.

  • What should I do if the presentation/material won’t load?

    (1) Click "refresh" on your browser. (2) Close the window/tab and re-open the class through Google Drive. (3) Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable.

  • Do I need to provide student feedback after each class?

    Yes, your provide the parent with quick summary of what topics were covered in class along with how the child is doing. Also, it provides the opportunity to inform if the students should practice anything else for the next class. *You receive an email, "Child Feedback," with each student link to fill-out the form. When you submit the form, this goes directly to the parent(s).

  • Do I have to follow a particular ‘Code of Conduct’?

    Yes. Most important is the confidentiality of the student. Please check out the page 'Code of Conduct,' the link is on the HomePage.

  • How do I contact my students if there is a problem?

    You do not contact your students. SplashLearn will always contact your students on your behalf.

FAQ about payment

  • When will I receive my payment?

    You get paid the following month by the 15th of the month. For example: you worked in the month of January, so you will get paid by the 15th of February.

  • How do I check my payment before I’m paid? How do I verify my payment for the month worked?

    You will receive an Excel sheet via email with the breakdown of your courses, incentives and any additional payments (look at the tabs at the bottom). You get an email by the 2nd of the month with the breakdown of your payment for the previous month along with the total for the previous month’s work. You have until the 5th of the month to dispute any discrepancies that may occur.

  • How can I update my bank info?

    Send an email to SplashLearn: tutor-feedback@splashlearn.com and inform us of your new bank information for payments.

  • When do I get paid the incentives?

    When the batch is completed, you receive your incentives for positive parent feedback, completion of batch and any other incentives.

  • Do I get fined if I reject a batch?

    No, you don’t get fined or penalized for rejecting a batch. If you reject a batch, we ask a different available tutor.

  • Do I get fined if the student(s) leave the batch?

    You will not be fined if the students left the course. In fact, we even pay in the case of student no-shows. The contract only tries to ensure that the teachers do not leave a batch before it is completed as that leaves a bad experience for the parents and harms SplashLearn’s image.

Other FAQs

  • What emails will I receive from Splash Learn frequently? (These are important emails.)

    You will receive 2 emails for each class time. You will receive a 1-hour reminder email before the class starts with the Zoom Link. You receive a Child Feedback email with the links for each student in that class.

  • Can I refer students? Do I get a referral code?

    Of course, you can! You (the tutor) receive $10 per student that signs up/registers for a complete batch. That student also receives a 10% discount when signing up for the batch. Email SplashLearn if you need your referral code again.

  • How do students apply the discount code?

    When the student is going to pay, before completing the payment, there is a link to click that says “Discount Code.” Click “Discount Code” and enter the code provided by the SplashLearn tutor.

  • What time is the class in my time zone?

    Currently, the classes are given in the Pacific time zone (PST). There is a USA Time Zone chart for the class times SplashLearn offers on the HomePage.

  • How do I access my Zoom meeting room for my class?

    Option 1: You receive an email 1 hour before your class with the zoom link to enter your classroom. Option 2: Click the link in your Google Calendar for the desired course.

  • I had a horrible class/day with Splash Learn. What do I do? Who do I contact?

    We are trying to improve every aspect of SplashLearn Live Tutoring for all parties (tutors, parents, and staff). Please email SplashLearn and detail to us what happened and what concerns/questions you have. Someone from the correct department will contact you as soon as they can to resolve your issue.

  • Do I need to use student rewards in my class?

    There is no requirement to use student rewards. You do not need to use student rewards in class. You decide based on your group of students if it is best. Sometimes it is more of a distraction than actually beneficial. Once again, you decide.

  • Can I use my own slides or other material in the classroom?

    Yes. Most important is completing the material provided by SplashLearn. You can use any other material to help explain the content of the class.

  • Should I provide Child Feedback even though the student wasn’t in the class?

    Yes. Click "Absent" and provide the parent an outline of what was covered in class.