Become a SplashLearn Math Teacher

Become a Math Teacher with SplashLearn

  • Work in your timezone

  • Earn $20 - $25 per hour from home

  • Assured payment for all your classes

How to Apply?

Step 1: Watch the complete video to understand the process of application.

Step 2: Schedule a preliminary discussion

Have questions? Schedule a 15-minute call with our team to answer any questions you might have about the opportunity, company, or the hiring process. This is an informal discussion, where you would ask questions and we will answer.

Click here to schedule the preliminary discussion

Step 3: Deliver a mock class

Post the 1st discussion, eligible candidates will be asked to deliver a mock class using our pre-made content  (30-40 minutes).

For an experienced teacher, the preparation for mock class should not take more than an hour.

You can select the lesson that you want to teach by clicking here. Mock class is booked during the preliminary discussion.

Mock Class is a formal evaluation and not a discussion round. You will be expected to teach the class that you have selected in Step 2, to a panel of 2-4 members. Practice the content beforehand, be seated in a place with no distractions, and ensure proper lighting and background.

We have limited positions so its best to apply soon. 

Who is Eligible?

These are the mandatory requirements. Do not apply if you are not meeting them

  • Minimum 1 year of experience teaching math to elementary grades in the US

  • Minimum 200 hours of experience in online teaching. This experience could be for non math subjects as well. You might be asked to prove this.

Have questions?

  • How is a mock class conducted

    The mock class is conducted online over zoom. A 3-4 member team will act as children in your class. You have to deliver the class like you would do a real class.

  • How long would be the mock class?

    The mock class would be 30-45 mins long.

  • How are the classes assigned?

    You will be asked to provide the hours in which you can take the classes. Once there is any enrollment in a course during those hours, the course coordinator from SplashLearn will reach out to you on email.

  • When and how do I get paid?

    You will be paid through a wire transfer by the 15th of every month. The payment would be for the classes taken in the previous month.

  • Are tutors provided any information about the students' understanding on the topic prior to teaching the lesson?

    No, each course is unique and we do not have prior knowledge of the student’s usage/accuracy/proficiency level related to the registered course’s material.

  • Are students grouped together for a tutoring session based on understanding or ability?

    Currently, we are not grouping students based on their abilities. We are grouping students together based on the student’s availability for a particular course and time.

  • Can I use any additional materials along with the Slides provided to me?

    Yes, you can use any materials to benefit the student’s learning experience such as a whiteboard, props, etc. Remember, there is a whiteboard option within Zoom.

  • Are the lessons aligned with SplashLearn games, so when they are independently working, the lesson supports them in their practice?

    Yes, the lessons are aligned with SplashLearn games

  • Do teachers provide feedback to students and parents after the lesson?

    Yes, the teacher will be sharing some notes with parents about their child.