Accept/Reject a batch

How to Accept/Reject a Batch

  • You receive an email with the subject “New batch for you || ...”
  • You click on the link provided in the email which will bring you to a page which has a form, "New Batch," to accept/reject the batch.
     Note: All classes are in Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

  • After accepting the batch, an email with the subject line “Batch Acceptance || Batch name…”  is automatically sent to you with the batch information, the shared link to the batch material, and the Zoom meeting link for all your classes in the batch.

  • A Google Calendar invite will also be sent to you. The Zoom link is in the event.


  • How do I get batches (courses)?

    You receive an email with the subject “New batch for you || ...” There is a link to click to accept/reject the batch.

  • Do I get fined if I reject a batch?

    No, you don’t get fined or penalized for rejecting a batch. If you reject a batch, we ask a different available tutor.

  • When does SplashLearn give you a class?

    When a batch (course) is filled with students, they send an email with a link to an available tutor for that day/time combination to accept/reject.

  • When do new batches start?

    Batches can start any day of the week. They do not always start on a Monday or Tuesday of the week.

  • When should I reject a batch?

    You select “reject” if cannot teach the batch for any reason. You select ‘reject’ if you cannot teach the first 2 classes of the batch.

  • Should I reject the batch if I won’t be able to teach 1 class out of the entire batch?

    You select “reject” if you won’t be able to teach the first 2 classes. Otherwise, send an email to SplashLearn and inform them of your particular situation and SplashLearn will reply indicating what to do (either accept or reject the batch).

  • I accepted a batch and now I cannot teach it, what do I do?

    Email SplashLearn immediately and inform them of the situation by including the batch name and time in PST.