About SplashLearn Course

Everything about SplashLearn and the Courses Experience

  • What’s the mission/vision of SplashLearn?
    At SplashLearn, our guiding mission is to make learning fun and personalized for every child. Everything we create, including SplashCourses, aims to transform children into fearless, lifelong learners.
  • When did it start? How many employees were at the beginning?
    In Nov2010, our 4 founders asked themselves one simple question – 
    Learning how to play the piano is fun, so is learning how to play basketball or how to swim. Then why isn’t learning math fun? Splash Math was founded as an answer to that question. 

  • When did it change from Splash Math to SplashLearn?
    By 2019, we realized we were growing beyond our name - we were adding Reading to our program and had started offering live online classes. That’s when we decided to call ourselves SplashLearn.

  • How many total employees does SplashLearn have now? What different services does SplashLearn offer?
    We have over 200 employees who work full-time with us. Along with the relatively-new courses, we offer a K-5 Math & ELA Program, which works with iOS, Android & Web Browsers.

  • What is SplashLearn? How is it useful for students, teachers & parents?
    Splash Learn is an immersive learning app that maintains the delicate balance between learning and gameplay. It’s the world's first scientifically-designed, game-based curriculum spanning Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5, used by over 146,000 teachers in about 77,000 schools.

  • When did SplashLearn Tutor experience begin?
    We launched the online tutoring experience in the first trimester of 2020. However, our team has been collaborating and creating this experience since 2019. 

The SplashLearn Courses Experience

What parents and fellow tutors have to say about our classes at SplashLearn? (If you haven’t taught any yet, this is the in-class experience from both perspectives.)

  • Best courses for any child’s learning level (above, below or at grade level). They can be used to enrich a topic or allow additional practice and/or explanation too. 
  • The math techniques used at SplashLearn provide a great foundation to the student and the approach is easier for students to understand the concepts. Parent’s even agree on how great SplashLearn's approach is for their child to learn and really understand the concepts.
  • SplashLearn teaches the fundamental concepts first before doing the algorithms. 
  • All classes are engaging and many times children are laughing and enjoying both the material and interaction with the tutor.
  • Students build their confidence and math skill sets simultaneously. They apply this in their school setting and are improving. 
  • Patient tutors for all different situations. 
  • The platform is a great environment for learning and working with concepts from the bottom up.
  • Students can get ahead of their grade, for example, First Grade students doing math for Third Grade.
  • SplashLearn Courses are special compared to other companies and/or programs because we have a standardized program that works for both homeschooled and in-school systems. The topics here work for any child living anywhere within the USA.