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About the course

This course is designed to help students build a strong foundation in multiplication and division. The students work with visual models like equal groups and arrays and solve word problems to develop strong multiplication understanding. 

They learn strategies to master multiplication facts from 2 to 10. In the second half, students are introduced to equal sharing and equal grouping structures to develop the conceptual understanding needed to solve problems using division. 

The course then provides various opportunities to relate multiplication and division to create the necessary relational depth of problem-solving. The course also includes some problem-solving tasks where students are encouraged to solve division word problems of different structures.

How it works

  • Complete the Enrollment

    Select a suitable date and time slot for the course and signup for the 1st free trial class of the course.

  • Get the Calendar Invite

    You will get the calendar invite for all the classes in the course. You will also get reminders 24 hours and 1 hour before every class on your email.

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    You can join the live class from the zoom link in the calendar invite, email, or the SMS reminder

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Multiplication through Equal Groups

    • Students are introduced to the concept of multiplication and the multiplication symbol. They work on finding the total number of objects arranged in equal groups.

  • 2

    Multiplication through Arrays

    • Students learn visualizing multiplication through arrays, or objects arranged in rows and columns.

  • 3

    Additive and Multiplicative Scenarios

    • Students understand that multiplying may mean making several copies of a number or a group of objects.

  • 4

    Commutative Property of Multiplication

    • In this class, students will be introduced to the commutative property of multiplication. They will understand that they can turn-around multiplication facts and it does not change the final answer.

  • 5

    Zero and Identity Properties of Multiplication

    • Students will build on their understanding of multiplication by multiplying one-digit numbers by 0 and 1 to learn zero and identity properties of multiplication.

  • 6

    Multiplication Facts of 4 & 6

    • Having previously practiced facts of 2, 3, 5, 0, and 1, students will now work with facts of 4 and 6. They will derive the facts through strategies like doubling.

  • 7

    Multiplication Word Problems

    • Students will work on several real world problems to comprehend the multiplication scenarios embedded in them.

  • 8

    Division as Equal Sharing

    • This class introduces the concept of division as equal sharing. The class provides several opportunities to the learners to distribute a set of objects equally among a specified number of groups and then represent the situation using division equations.

  • 9

    Division as Equal Grouping

    • In this class, learners make groups with a predefined number of items in each group from a collection of items. They determine the number of equal groups formed and then write a division sentence to represent the scenario.

  • 10

    Relate Equal Sharing and Equal Grouping

    • This class is intended to build a relationship between equal sharing and equal grouping structures of division.

  • 11

    Relate Multiplication and Division

    • In this class students will learn about the relationship between multiplication and division through story situations, equal group models, and arrays.

  • 12

    Division Facts

    • In this class, students find numerous opportunities to relate division facts to multiplication facts. They use number lines and mathematical sentences to use this relationship to find the unknown at any place in a division sentence.

  • 13

    Distributive Property

    • This class is intended to develop the understanding that a multiplication fact can be broken down into smaller facts to make the calculation simpler.

  • 14

    Multiplication Facts of 7 & 9

    • Students will work on solving facts of 7 and 9 using the distributive property and other previously learned strategies.

  • 15

    Associative Property of Multiplication

    • In this class, students will understand that they can multiply three numbers in any order. They will use this understanding to practice facts of 8 expanding on the doubling strategy.

  • 16

    Division Word Problems

    • In this class, students solve division word problems of different structures that involve equal sharing and equal grouping scenarios.

Parents love our courses

Passed this along to several friends

Father of a fourth grader

My son really enjoyed it and he usually hates math. Ted, the instructor was great. My son is looking forward to their next session on Friday and we signed him up for a session on Fractions as well. I've also passed this along to several friends who are interested. Much appreciated especially now. This is a great resource/service.

Teacher helps her understand concepts

Mother of a third grader

Thank you for emailing. So far, it has worked out well for us and our daughter. She says she really likes her teacher, despite the concepts being brand new to her. She feels challenged by some of the work, but I think that is the point and the teacher helps her understand the concepts.

Super patient teachers

Mother of a second grader

Kendra was wonderful. She was super patient with my son and he just took his milestone test on fractions at school and said "it was SO easy!" Kendra really helped get him up-to-speed on fractions.

Helping my son stay focused

Mother of a 3rd Grader

Thank you so much. My son has ADHD so keeping focus can be challenging for him. We really appreciate your support. I feel like he is really making strides.

Difficulty level was spot on

Parent of a 5th Grader

My daughter enjoyed the class. The level of difficulty was spot on. No complaints!

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Meet the Teachers

Tamara Thovtrup

Originally from California, and after a few moves around the country, I am now living just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a mom of two children and the wife of an airline pilot. I have been teaching online for the past 3 years and have even traveled to meet my students. I have loved math since middle school and I would love to help your child find a love for math as well.

Theodore Korolyshun

I was born and raised in Connecticut in a small city called Derby, before attending the University of Notre Dame and moving to Chicago for two years after graduation. It was here where I began teaching, and especially enjoyed helping students (and some teachers!) with math.

Have questions?

  • Who will be my math tutor?

    Our math teachers are certified educators with years of teaching experience. Each of them has been hand-picked for their innovative teaching styles, the ability to tailor their lessons according to different learning needs and their main superpower - making math fun.

  • Will math tutor help my child with their homework?

    The classes will be conducted on the specific topics independently of the progress in school. Math tutor will therefore not be able to assist your child with their homework.

  • Do I need to accompany my child for the class?

    You can accompany the child in the 1st class to build comfort. You can also accompany the child in the subsequent classes in case you have any specific input regarding your child.

  • Do I need to be ready with anything for this class?

    Yes you should have a working device with webcam, mic and speakers. You should also keep a whiteboard and a marker (or blank sheets and pen) handy for practice during the class.

  • How do I know whether its safe for my child to talk to math tutor?

    Your child's safety and privacy is our primary concern. We design the courses to ensure that we are not collecting any personal information from your child. We also do a background verification for all the tutors to ensure that your child is talking to a reliable person.

  • Do I need to accompany my child for the class?

    No, our teachers have years of experience in teaching online to elementary kids and the classes are highly interactive to keep your little one engrossed

  • When will my card be charged?

    There is a free trial available for the 1st class. You can cancel within 24 hours after the 1st class and no money will be deducted. If you cancel after the your 1st during the course, we will deduct the amount for the courses attended and will refund the remaining amount.

  • How can I cancel the class?

    You can go ahead and cancel your course by visiting - My Account > Billing > Subscriptions

  • What if the math tutor is not able to complete the topic within a class?

    In case the curriculum is not covered the class might run a few minutes longer.

  • What if Math tutor is not able to finish in the stipulated classes? Do I pay more for next classes?

    We have designed the courses in a manner that they will get completed within the number of classes mentioned for every course. If in case of any unforeseen scenario, the classes get extend beyond the original schedule, Math tutor will conduct the remaining classes as well. There will not be any additional fee for any extra class. Parents will be informed via email about such events.

  • How long will be the class?

    Each class will run for almost 45 minutes. In case the curriculum is not covered the class might run a few minutes longer.

  • How do I schedule a class with Math Tutor?

    Its quite simple. You just have to select the course and enrol in it. SplashLearn will then match you with the tutor who is running the course.

  • Can I reschedule the class?

    You will not be able to reschedule the class since it will be a group class consisting of a batch of 3-4 students.

  • Can I choose a math tutor?

    You have to enrol in a course and you will automatically be matched with the best tutor who is taking that course. You will not be able to choose a tutor at this moment.

  • Is there a math tutor who has expertise in teaching special kids?

    We are in process of building a separate set of courses for special kids. You can help us by letting us know your specific needs which can give a direction to our team building and content designing teams. Please send an email to tutor-feedback@splashlearn.com